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How best to find affiliates outside of the big networks

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  • How best to find affiliates outside of the big networks

    Hi, we have been running our own affiliate program for a year now and currently have 2 affiliates who are doing good business for us. We have been looking to expand on this but are struggling to find ways of getting new affiliates without spending up to 5k to join the big networks.
    How to other merchants go about this? How do you go about vetting new applicants?

    This is an area we really we want to grow this year and do have plans to join CJ and Affiliat window but ideally we would prefer to get a couple more in using our own built in program first, then if successful make the investment. If we can show a good return on affiliates it gives me a lot more 'clout' with the managing director to invest.

    Thanks fin advance for any advice.

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    I think the best answer to this is to do some online research and participate in forums who actively talks about affiliate marketing networks. I could actually recommend your to my affiliate partner now as their offerwall tool is great, but I have to abide by the rules of this forum and give a direct answer to your question... But if you need further help, please don't hesitate to leave a message... (OfferDaddy): Start monetizing your app with their
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      You could try searching for relevant affiliates online. See who is linking to your competitors for example.

      There are many affiliate networks and agencies that would charge far less than 5k. It may be worth Googling "affiliate management" or other such terms.

      As FreebieBoy34 says, let me know if I can help. There's some information on our website.

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