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  • Tradedoublerīs tracking technology

    Recieved this from Tradedoubler today... Seems like a step in the right direction... Hopefully will mean an increase in sales:

    Dear publisher,

    In addition to existing cookie- and cookie-less tracking methods, Tradedoubler?s tracking services now support Cross Device Tracking which enables Tradedoubler to offer its interest based advertising and retargeting services across a userīs desktop, mobile and other devices. This will result in successful campaigns with increased transactions and conversion rates. Cross Device Tracking will be enabled 30 June 2016 on all publishers, advertisers and programs, and cross-device transactions will be tracked whenever sufficient cross-device data is available.

    Cross Device Tracking enhances Tradedoubler?s tracking capabilities by connecting a user?s multiple devices to an anonymous profile. This is done using anonymous (hashed) user login IDs used across various devices by the user to login to publisher or advertiser websites in Tradedoubler's advertising network.

    The hashed user login IDs collected are non-PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and do not allow Tradedoubler to identify the users. However, to ensure protection of usersī personal data, publishers and advertisers are required to inform their users and obtain their consent as required by applicable legislation before they provide hashed user login IDs to Tradedoubler. Users may also choose to opt-out of Cross Device Tracking at any time.

    The Publisher Agreement between You and Tradedoubler Ab has been updated as necessary to encompass Cross Device Tracking. These updates include the publisherīs obligation to hash its customersī user login IDs before transferring them to Tradedoubler; to inform its customers about Cross Device Tracking; and to obtain its customersī consent for Cross Device Tracking if required by the publisherīs national laws. Corresponding changes have been made to Tradedoublerīs privacy policy including the Publisher notification.

    All these changes will take effect when Cross Device Tracking will be enabled 30 June 2016. Please find the updated Publisher Agreement and Privacy Policy on our website:

    The Publisher agreement can be seen in your publisher interface by navigating to "Help"> "Info Centre"> "Publisher Agreement"

    Tradedoubler Privacy Policy

    More information about Cross Device Tracking is available on our website here

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    Hi Neatfour,

    Thank-you for your positive feedback about our new tracking capabilities. We are confident that this is a positive step forward for our publishers and will help to increase sale for our partners.

    Kind regards,
    Publisher Support Team
    t:+44 (0)203 530 0097
    Publisher Support Team
    Tradedoubler | +44 (0)203 530 0097


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