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    Dear affiliate,

    We would like to extend an open invitation to all direct adult webmasters.
    Over the recent months we've experienced quite a lot the struggles that the adult webmasters are facing, not only as a network, but also through our own TubeSite and Paysites Network. We’ve analyzed key competitors and as a result of this process we developed a setup with top stabile revenue campaigns, available only to direct traffic sources.

    Mobile adult campaigns rely their success on a combination of newly available HQ content (currently users tend to profile sites that do not offer good translated pages in their local language) and a fast, almost seamless user billing flow, which depends entirely on the advertiser itself to provide in almost all highly-traffic countries.

    Performance-monetization relies therefore in promoting an offer in its peak performance, usually between the 4th-25th week from its launch, at the exact time, Prime-Time, as it is on TV Advertising and for the group of countries which generate >80% of an affiliate's/webmaster's total geographical breakdown.
    A good way to profile these campaigns that are on the rise, is to have a 24/7 monitoring of major traffic sources and breakdown a huge amount of targets.

    Besides the network, partnership with major carriers and big advertisers, from which we’ve got exclusive offers, another unique feature that has to offer is the technology behind it. Instead of searching for campaigns, as regular affiliates would do, we developed our own technology, a tool that uses real live connections, 3G and WiFi, and for which we are constantly buying a huge amount of carrier data to feed it and keep it updated. Using this unique tool, we have been scanning numerous sites every day, about 1.2 million sites from direct publishers, networks and traffic brokers, which gave us a better insight & understanding on which are the top offers based for each market

    I believe this model is an excellent opportunity for cooperation, and I encourage you to try it at least.

    You can register with fast approval using this link:

    For any questions/reviews, feel free to contact me

    Look forward to your feedback,

    Best regards,

    Skype: marainkobra

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